Postdoctoral position on Acoustic Trapping, Manipulation and Imaging

Acoustic trapping and manipulation techniques that use the radiation force of ultrasound are emerging as mature experimental tools in the fields of applied physics, material science and physical biology. They are proving increasingly relevant wherever materials are to be probed or handled with large forces, large penetration depths and biocompatibility, which are situations that preclude the use of laser light and more conventional optical trapping methods. The main aim of our research group is to prove the suitability of acoustic trapping to explore a range of interesting phenomena in the mechanics of soft and biological materials. Our approach is based on the trapping and manipulation of micrometric radiation force transducers with single-beam acoustical tweezers. We will pursue our efforts in developing the trapping methodology, and explore the capability of these transducers to non-invasively measure local and subtle mechanical properties of a variety of soft and biological materials.

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