Nano-porous silicon-elastomer hybrid: Mechanical properties assessed by laser ultrasonics

This doctoral thesis is part of a Franco-German research project entitled “Nano-porous silicon-elastomer hybrids: from liquid-crystalline functionalization to tunable elasticity assessed by laser ultrasonics”, conducted in collaboration with the Hamburg University of Technology. (Institute for Materials and X-Ray Physics). Nano-porous silicon offers novel functionalities in various fields. The aim of the project is to develop a hybrid material with controllable elastic properties. To this end, a liquid-crystalline elastomer (LCE) will be confined within the pores of a nano-porous silicon membrane (pSi). Given that the mechanical properties of LCE significantly change depending on stimuli, it is expected that this hybrid material will possess tunable properties. The idea is to combine the rigidity of the silicon matrix with the adaptability of the elastomer to ultimately propose various electromechanical devices, such as actuators or sensors. (…)

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