Acoustic simulation & spatial audio specialist

Treble Technologies is an Icelandic tech scaleup that develops sound simulation and spatial audio technology that is revolutionizing how sound is incorporated into the design of both the physical and the virtual world. Our technology is being used by many of the biggest and most prestigious companies in the world within tech, automotive, VR/AR and building industries, to realize next- generation audio experiences and reduce noise – which, according to the WHO, is the 2nd most harmful environmental factor affecting human health.
Treble is one of the fastest growing scaleups in Iceland. Despite being a young company, we are hugely ambitious and have managed to assemble a group of highly sought-after talents from around the world. We are well funded and have won numerous awards globally for our tech and vision. The team consists of a diverse group of specialists in audio/acoustics, software development, mathematical modelling, and business. Joining Treble at this stage means becoming a part of a lean, family friendly and fun, yet driven organization.

You will be responsible for:
• Designing and implementing acoustic signal processing and spatial audio methods
• Designing and implementing room acoustic simulation methods using advanced numerical
methods and geometrical acoustics methods
• Designing and implementing various acoustics physics modeling methods, such as sound
source modeling, microphone array modeling, boundary modeling and multiphysics
• Designing and implementing real-time audio algorithms, using relevant tradeoffs between
computational accuracy and perceived realism
• Optimizing computational performance of audio processing algorithms
• Helping shape our product vision and strategy
• Participating in code reviews, as well as supporting and mentoring other team members.
Collaborating with experts in Treble’s interdisciplinary R&D team.
• Collaborating closely with our academic partners, supervise MSc/PhD students and be
involved in scientific publications and conferences

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