Resonance Conference 2023

The Resonance Conference aims at bringing together researchers, scientists and industry professionals to discuss the most recent advances in the fields of structure vibrations, structural health monitoring, and acoustics. The RESONANCE Conference aims at gathering the following subevents together at the same time and place:
– SURVISHNO (SURVeillance, VIbration, SHocks and NOise)
– JISFA ( Industry Days of the French Acoustical Society)
– JJCAB (Young Researchers in Acoustics, Vibration and Noise)
– RESONANCE SUMMER CAMP (Research on Nonlinear Vibration control Enhancement)
Sessions will be organized parallelly for the different events, that will share social events, exhibition, breaks, plenary lectures and round tables.
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SURVISHNO 2023 is a joint organization of the conferences Surveillance, VISHNO (Vibration Shocks and Noise) and EVA (Experimental Vibration Analysis), which aims at bringing together actors — researchers, scientists and industry professionals — in the fields of vibrations, structural dynamics, and health monitoring. It is a joint event between the French Association ADYVA and the French Society of Mechanicians (SFM). The conference will provide a forum for the most recent advances in these fields as well as a unique opportunity for interacting in a collegial atmosphere.
– Uncertainties, stochastic, robustness
– Meta structures, Smart structures & SHM
– Fault diagnosis and prognosis for rolling bearings
– Jointed Structures
– Vibration fatigue
– Angular approaches
– Electrical drives
– Diagnostics and Dynamic models
Call for papers
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JISFA 2023 are industrial meeting days of the French Society of Acoustics, organized by the French Aerospace Lab Onera. This edition will focus on the aerospace and space industries. It will consist of conference sessions led by acousticians from both the industry and applied research fields, roundtable discussions on future industrial challenges, and an exhibition area.
– Aero-acoustic sources of aircraft exterior noise
– Propagation of aeronautical noise in the environment and perceptual approaches
– IROQUA network
– Vibro-acoustic analysis of internal aircraft noise
– Passive and active control of aeronautical noise
– Noise and vibrations of space vehicles
Invited Industries are sharing their scientific advances in oral presentations. For further information, do not hesitate to contact Frank Simon, Onera, Toulouse (

JJCAB 2023 is a young researcher’s scientific day organized by PhD students which provides the opportunity for postdoctoral and PhD students from the field of vibro-acoustics to share their research with other young researchers through 3′ flash talks and posters. JJCAB is a joint event between the thematic group GVB from the French Society of Acoustics and the GST14 from the French Association of Mechanics.
Call for abstracts
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