Formation sur le bruit et les vibrations dans les machines électriques

This technical training is made for both electrical engineers who want to tackle vibro-acoustic issues in early electromagnetic design stage, and mechanical / NVH engineers who want to better understand the physics of noise and vibrations due to electromagnetic excitations, and learn how to analyze test data to troubleshoot e-NVH issues. This means that the first training module includes an introduction on the basic working principles of electrical machines, and the second training modules includes sound and vibration fundamentals.

The training has no prerequisite, a MSc or equivalent engineering level is sufficient to follow the technical training.

The technical training mainly deals with radial flux, inner rotor Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines and Induction Machines (cases of axial flux motors and outer rotors are discussed). Other topologies can be discussed during Q&A session. Trainees are invited to share their slot/pole combination, simulation or test results (spectrograms) to be discussed during the training.