Postdoctoral position on the measurement of bedload sediment transport using acoustic methods

The proposed subject is part of the “DRACCAR” project: Development of offshore Research platform to Assess physiCal and biologiCal parAmeters for offshore Renewable energy, a project supported by France Energies Marines (FEM):
The measurement mast off the coast of Fécamp, owned by FEM, enables field data to be acquired. This mast constitutes a genuine research platform at sea where state-of-the-art instrumentation is deployed. This platform is linked to a Research and Development programme. One of the aims of this programme is to improve understanding of the interactions between offshore wind turbines and the environment. Six themes are being considered as part of the DRACCAR project, including the Hydrosedimentary Processes theme, which aims in particular to qualify the way in which the measurement mast can influence the dynamics of the surrounding seabed, and vice versa. The present subject falls within the scope of this theme. (…)

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