Phononic Skyrmions for Waves Structuration

Skyrmion, a topologically stable three-component vector field, was initially developed in elementary particles and has since been demonstrated in condensed-matter systems and helimagnetic materials. Characterized by a real-space nontrivial topological number, the skyrmions were considered as a promising route toward high-density magnetic materials for information storage and transfer, due to their defect immunity and low driven energy. Such topological skyrmions have been recently extended to photonics based on dynamic
electromagnetic fields with axial evanescent waves and spin-orbit coupling in the evanescent fields. In 2023, our group in Institut Jean Lamour (University of Lorraine and CNRS), who is proposing the PhD project, demonstrated, for the first time, theoretically and
experimentally the existence of phononic skyrmions. This remarkable scientific breakthrough is extremely promising on both fundamental and engineering aspects. Indeed, phononic skyrmions could lead to transformative phononic applications, especially in a
generally concise configuration that can be scaled accordingly for future integrated on-chip, acoustofluidics and lab-on chip technologies.
The main objective of this PhD project is to structure acoustic and elastic waves in an unprecedented way. To do that, we will use the spin of elastic and acoustic waves and the generation of related skyrmions as an extra degree of freedom. The methodology will consist in exploring, conceiving, simulating and realizing a new class of multiphysical metamaterial capable of extreme manipulation and structuration of acoustic and elastic waves using their spin angular momentum.

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