Stage M2 – Non-canonical jet dynamics: application to the human upper airways

Jet generation, its dynamics and its consequences, such as the sound produced, are mostly studied for well designed flow and geometrical conditions. Nevertheless, jet formation occurs naturally for a wide range of geometrical and flow scales which can deflect to a large extent from well-designed industrial nozzle flows. In the current proposal we are interested in flow and geometrical conditions characterised by a low Mach number and a moderate Reynolds number (500 < Re < 15000). The resulting flow can be either, laminar, turbulent or transitional so that the flow dynamics is complex and can potentially include the transition regime. These flow conditions are among others characteristic for jet flow formation and dynamics in the upper airways. In this particular case jet formation is closely interlinked with acoustics as vortex and turbulence sound production is an important ingredient of the physics of speech production. It needs no argument that human speech production is important in everyday life and this in every society. This study contributes thus to the fields of both non-canonical jet flow and to the physics of human speech sound production.

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