Post-Doctoral Research Visit F/M: Sound simulation of heritage wind musical instruments

« Simulation du son d’instrument de musique à vent historique »

Some of the musical wind instruments stored in museums cannot be played for conservation reasons, and are sometimes incomplete or damaged (lost or broken parts, …). It is however possible to perform non destructive images (geometric, acoustical measurements, tomography, etc) giving access to the inner shape of the air column. From this data, modeling techniques can compute the physical, acoustical and vibratory functioning of museum instruments allowing to guess musical properties (such as the tuning) or the context of use.
In order to add to these characteristics a numerical simulation of the sound that could be produced by such an instrument, it is necessary to estimate the values of the parameters of the equation modeling the player (supply pressure, etc.), which are suitable for playing the instrument considered.
As a first step towards this goal, this project aims to find the set of parameters allowing the reproduction of a real sound with a physics-based sound synthesis. This study will focus on the recorded sound of a replica trumpet from the Besson collection of the Musée de la Musique – Philharmonie de Paris.

Principal activities
– Develop software functionalities for accurate sound synthesis
– Extract data from experimental measurements
– Perform the analysis of the dynamic models and the uncertainty models, and their discretisation
– Develop a strategy to automatically adjust the model parameters to reproduce a given sound
– Write reports
– Write scientific articles

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