Experimental and numerical analysis of guided wave propagation in cables for their non-destructive evaluation

Keywords : acoustic, waves, modes, cables, experimentation, signal processing, simulation, finite elements
Beginning : from october 2023
Planned financing : 3-year doctoral contract (1858€ gross monthly for the first 2 years, 2165€ for the third)

Project :
The non-destructive evaluation of civil engineering cables, made up of helical multi-wire strands, is the flagship application of the laboratory’s work in the field of guided waves. The objective of the thesis is to improve the understanding of phenomena governing wave propagation in such structures. For this, the doctoral student will use the numerical and experimental tools available, relying on the strong skills and know-how acquired by the laboratory around cables for many years. Indeed, the cable models developed in the laboratory are now capable of reproducing and interpreting phenomena observed experimentally, initially unexplained. These same models also predict other phenomena, hitherto unknown but of interest for non destructive evaluation (NDE).

A first part of the thesis work will thus consist in the experimental validation of these predictions. The second part of the work will consist in developing a numerical model of wave diffraction in a cable, with the aim of understanding and clarifying the mechanisms of inter-wire energy transfer (which are likely to affect the detectability of defects). The simulation results will then be corroborated by laboratory experiments.

Supervision :
Fabien Treyssède (DR, HDR), supervisor (https://pagespro.univ-gustave-eiffel.fr/fabien-treyssede/)
Laurent Laguerre (DR, HDR), co-supervisor (https://www.ifsttar.fr/menu-haut/annuaire/fiche-personnelle/personne/laguerre-laurent/)

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