Doctor in Acoustics

You will work under the responsibility of the technical director. As an acoustic expert, you will have to develop new features based on your own skills and knowledge and in collaboration with the technical director. You will also participate in customer projects with large companies, mainly in the automotive industry. As an expert you will be autonomous in conducting laboratory experiments and modelling complex systems.
Your scope of activities will be articulated between R&D and customer projects. In particular you will be in charge of:
• Conduction of R&D projects
• Active participation in the reinforcement of intellectual property (filing of patents)
• Development of electro-mechanical models
• Acoustic design of haptic interfaces,
• Technology watch and scientific activities
You will be required to report regularly internally and to the client as appropriate.

hap2U designs and develops patented technology to enhance experiences in the digital world by integrating the sense of touch into tactile devices. Founded in 2015, hap2U has built on several years of research and development. After 6 years, it is several dozen patents related to ultrasonic haptic devices that have been awarded to this company. The team, based in Grenoble, brings complementary expertise in haptics, acoustics, materials science, systems engineering, electronics, software development and user experience to enable users to really feel what is on their screens.
The ambition of our company is to democratize access to tactile interfaces by pushing the notion of user experience to another level. In the future, we aim to add ultrasonic haptics to most of our everyday HMIs.

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