Contribution to the understanding of noise sensitivity and its underlyingmechanisms

Noise sensitivity is a personal predisposition accounting for an individual’s reaction to noise. It plays a considerable role in capturing individual differences in large-scale public-health studies on noise annoyance. In the research literature, however, there is debate as to how noise sensitivity should be conceptualized or measured.

A three-year research project funded by the Fondation pour l’Audition (FPA) aims to investigate this question in-depth by reviewing the pertinent literature, setting up, running and analyzing laboratory experiments as well as conducting surveys. The relevance of this work is the conceptual clarification of the concept and the designation of a reliable measure of noise sensitivity with future applications in public health surveys.

The application will include the following documents: Detailed CV / Grade transcripts of the Master course of studies / Application letter, detailing the applicant’s motivation and prospective contribution to the project / A recommendation letter by a former university teacher or work supervisor

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